Girls +  Influence = Pinkfluence, a place to discover how young girls influence our lives. 

As a mom of a teen girl, I'm fascinated and passionate about the daily dynamics that take place between daughters and moms. Everyday is a learning experience and discovering what she likes is also part of the fun (yes..,, it's tough at times.., but that's a topic for a future blog post). 

Inspired by my daughter, The Wish Tool by Pinkfluence allows users to save products they want from any store online, customize these "wishes" by adding their comments and color choices and share with family & friends. Recipients, such as us moms, family members and friends will learn what our girls want for birthdays and special occasions as well as why. 

Pinkfluence isn't perfect. That's the point. Do I feel like a "perfect" mom? Do I want a "perfect" daughter? No and No. And that's another topic for another day. This site is in Beta now for desktop. I'm working out the kinks and finding ways to make it more user friendly. 

I'm learning along the way. It's a process and a journey on which I hope you will join me. 

Thanks & smiles, 

Maria Arteaga (Mom & Founder) 

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